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Create a Fan Store

How Does It Work?

Fan Stores is where Fans Worldwide can shop your merchandise. As a Gamer, Streamer, or Influencer etc. you work hard to build a community of followers, subscribers, supporters, donors etc. Here's how you can profit off of your fans through customized merchandise like Shirts, Hats, Stickers, Mugs, Backpacks + more! 

Got a Logo or Design?

 Have a logo you want to use? No Problem! We will make sure it is the proper file & ready to be printed for your store. Need a logo or design? We can handle that for you through our design team.


Make Your Merch!

Once your design is approved and cleaned up, the fun begins! Now it's time to pick out what type of products you would want to sell in your store's collection. From Shirts to Backpacks to Hats and Stickers plus more. There's a wide variety of products available to select from. Limit of 12 Products per fan store! Want to increase this limit? Policy Requests* additional + $19.99 Must be payed.


We'll Handle The Labor!

After you've selected your store's merchandize, we'll design your collection page or Fan Store. You will then receive your own custom URL to connect your fans to your Fan Store!   ex( 
*Your name must be given Via Email.*  

 Spread The Word!


After we have finished setting up your collection page or fan store, you can start letting your fans know through or during live streams, videos, and or posts on all your social media platforms. Need some help on ideas on how to "spread the word" feel free to let us know, we’ll be happy to assist you in anyway.


 YES!!! Order Has Been Placed!


After your store is live and you have told everyone about your new Fan Store. Fans will begin to order your very own merchandise. You can also request a 10% off discount code to present or promote towards your store. When you get an order we notify you via screenshot via email, social medias, etc.


 Time To Ship Your Fan Merch!

After a Fan places an order, we'll take care of the rest. All merchandise is printed as ordered & we will handle shipping! In the rare event a fan has an issue, we will handle any customer questions, concerns, and issues.



On or before the 25th of each month we'll send you a payment of profits (Earning 40% commission, based on profit, sell price minus product cost) from your sales for the prior month. (I.E. May orders paid out on or before June 25th) Via PayPal Only. Stores must be up for 30 Days before commission is payed. Stores revoked before 30 days will not receive commission.

Testimonials/Proof of engagement

Aura Of RI

Great platform! has been an amazing host to quality cannabis brands in our country and we’re thrilled to be included on their verified billboard.

Garment Decor

Thank you!

We can’t thank this platform enough for promoting our services to brands from all corners! Very useful platform.

Jayme’s Clothing

Worth it!

Definitely helped me with advice that enabled to have positive movements within my brand compared to several months ago.

Crazy Goodz

Great marketing tool

Being verified on helps us reach new audiences!

Garment Decor

Thank you!

Very clever idea! Keep it up!


Platform is very interesting!

This feels right to have! Plus I can write it off at the end of the year as a marketing tool.


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